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I can not rave about this enough. I use it almost every day with my designers to export our final files for projects. Recently they released a new version that literally can export an entire logo suite in less than 10 minutes AUTOMATICALLY.

If you are a designer I can bet you this will be a life changing tool to implement in your business.

final file exports

logo package express 3.0

This is my perfect pairing to Notion. There are somethings that Notion doesn't excel at and it is the onboarding experience. Through Dubsado you can craft a high end experience for you clients as they book a project, sign contracts, and pay their invoices.

Setting this up can be daunting but, if you keep it simple, on brand, and thorough you will be glad you have it!

crm management & onboarding tool


This is hands down one of my favorite tools I implement in my business as well as all with all my clients businesses. I have spent hours and hours in Notion to craft an experience for not only us creative business owners but, also their clients and it has paid off!

Once they get their bangin' proposal from Dubsado they can move into Notion!

the everything all at once


I LOVE AN AESTHETIC LOOKING EMAIL. Flodesk has made a lot of improvements in the last 2 years and it is my favorite platform for email marketing!

Highly recommend if you are starting out with email marketing and want the full package deal.

email marketing


Social media can be so intimidating when you are staring at a blank screen after designing all day. No shame in getting some templates!

Studio Standard has some of the most aesthetically pleasing and unique templates out there from social media graphics to presentations and more.

design templates for all aspects

studio standard

shop the notion bundle 2.0

notion bundle 2.0 is here

the tools to master your process, organize every aspect of your business, & look sleek while doing it.

"Notion is my go to for literally everything. From client portals, to website inspiration I have all of my thoughts, dreams and more organized seamlessly. I never have to worry about forgetting an idea, or wondering how I’m going to keep my client projects organized. Maya's Notion bundle has allowed every touch point to be elevated and allows ME to efficiently run my business, not let my business run me."


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