Method and Means Notion Bundle

The notion bundle 2.0


THE Business Management System for outside the box creatives. Created with designers in mind. This bundle covers the entire infrastructure of your design or creative business. From financial planning, personal growth, client management, and content planning, it has it all. Not only is it a Master Bundle of 40+ Notion Templates but, it is paired with a training video hub that teaches you everything that I know about Notion, how to plug and play the templates, and some secrets along the way.


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Your first step to get back to creativity

I have created the ultimate business management system to have you walk away with all the knowledge of what Notion can do for your business as you evolve.

Over the past two years, I have worked with a variety of designers and the #1 task in every creative's business has been what is going on behind the scenes.

Things are messy, unorganized, busy, not client friendly, all over the place, etc. What if you could run it all in one place. Not only that, what if you could know a program front to back to be able to create a workflow that is working WITH your business, NOT against your business.

I have put together everything you need...time to get our shit together.

"These 'templates' are literally everything I've ever been looking for. I put '' because they are so much more than that - they are truly the organization system of my dreams.

All the sections I already had floating in a billion places so the idea of having them in ONE place is thrilling.

It's literally life changing. I'm considering hiring more on my team because of this system. The thought of hiring before was horrific - because I'd have to train someone where everything is alone.


Bethany | bethanyworks

"I just wanted to say your templates are so helpful for myself and my client to navigate through the client portal! I'm so eager to learn more about other features and different ways to improve the system.

I was able to create a content strategy portal for my client to easily navigate their social media content and more! They really love it and are obsessed with the system!"

jess | novrain creative

"I have been using notion for a couple of things but, not all of this! Now I'm in love with how it flows with my business and I am a visual person so I like how I can customize it!

So much golden value put into this."

Notion bundle purchaser

"So in love with this system and customizing it to my business!!! Saying goodbye to ClickUp!"

Notion bundle purchaser

"Okay the value in this bundle is INSANE! Exactly what I was looking for to get started with Notion!"

Notion bundle purchaser

"I had a lot of fun customizing the home page to fit my brand. This is one of the best investments I've made to help my business."

notion bundle purchaser

FInancial Planning

Client Management

content planning

Business Resources


personal growth

Business Subscriptions Tracker
Master Yearly Project Dashboard
Affiliate Links
Tax Planning
Offer Suite Breakdown

Lead Management
CRM Database
Client Management Dashboard
Address Book
Client Portal Template
Team Huddle Dashboard
Meeting Notes

Market Research
Content Calendar
Pinterest Hub
Blog Dashboard
Email Marketing & Freebies

Knowledge Hub
Website Inspiration Database
Font Lookbook
Code Wiki
Project Code Backups
Brand Guidelines
Screenshot Portfolio Database
Values, Mission, & ICA

Quick Link Database
Shop Dashboard
Internal Projects Hub
Password Portal
Internal Templates
API Outline

Morning Notes
Habit Tracker
Dream Big Brain Dump
Vision Board
Goal Breakdown & Action Steps
Mindset & Accomplishments
Yearly Reflections

templates included:

the basics

the templates

future updates

Welcome To Notion
Settings & Navigation
Sharing & Duplicating
Blocks, Tables, & Properties
Adding The Spice

Main Dashboard
Financial Planning
Client Management Pt.1 & 2
Content Planning
Business Resources
Personal Growth

Added trainings as new updates come out.

trainings included:

As a creative myself, as well as working with designers over the past two years and beyond, has taught me a lot about how a creative mind works.

The decisions I made throughout creating this bundle was to deliver a well rounded, simple, functional, place where even the most chaotic brain can bring in a method to controlling that chaos.

This bundle is for the business owner looking to put some serious thought into how their business functions, wants to create a cohesive management system for them and their team, and overall wants to start implementing practices in their business that provides structure.

The goal is to create space to think outside the box. Not, be so stressed you can't even begin to pick up a paint brush.

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